Standing ovations at the respected Sundance movie festival are not to be glossed over with a “will see it on Netflix” attitude. So on Friday, November 5, expect to see movie theatres filled with fashion girls who covet of 50’s fashion, dream of New York romances and become intoxicated with the charm of love.

Soft-spoken Ellis Lacey (played by Saoirse Ronan) moves to New York from Ireland in hopes of a (you guessed it): better life. The allure of the American Dream entraps her in shackles of homesickness until she meets Tony Cohen. In a tragic twist of fate, Ellis is forced to return home and faces a tug-of-war with ropes made of love.

Vintage and period-specific, the costume design is authentic in its depiction of post World-War II. Tea-length hemlines, heels for special occasions only and retro-sirens scream from the seams of every outfit.

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Photo credit: IMDb