People’s comments were wonderfully formulaic – first: I  love your style! followed by Where do you get your inspiration?

Real life seemed to happen time-and-time again to founder, Priya Kaliandasani: school, work, relationships, friendships, events, travelling. Yet, she was always well-prepared to face that grown-upness head-on through the most confidence-inducing outfits, event-appropriate makeup and personality-showcasing topics of conversation. And even when real life seemed less than a fairytale, these pillars of inspiration always gave her a passion and perspective to face the beauty of the next day.

In 2014, Priya developed the concept of Foreign Flaunt. With a mandate of Curating an International Art-De-Vivre Priya decided to share her inspiration from around the world, with the world. Her knack for handpicking trendsetting items, styles and lifestyles locally and abroad could come through while doubling as a creative outlet where she could express the stories behind them. After all, the story is the best part …

Your invitation from Foreign Flaunt

We invite you to follow and interact with us – sharing your feedback, favourite trends, or attempts at re-creating an international trend locally. In return, we will always be committed to revealing hand-picked vogues from around the world and the comment-faire behind them.