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Ornamental, opulent and well-crafted are words that when spoken, leave us lusting for more. And lust you will when you see the first-ever collaboration between kindred spirits: Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and French footwear guru Christian Louboutin. When the shoes were shown in the AW 15 fashion week, walking hauntingly to the beat of a ghastly piano score, the deep reds, dusted golds and mysterious blues were well-complimented by the red soles elevating intricate baroque fabrics. Read more by visiting: Photo credit: Christian Louboutin

Standing ovations at the respected Sundance movie festival are not to be glossed over with a “will see it on Netflix” attitude. So on Friday, November 5, expect to see movie theatres filled with fashion girls who covet of 50’s fashion, dream of New York romances and become intoxicated with the charm of love. Soft-spoken Ellis Lacey (played by Saoirse Ronan) moves to New York from Ireland in hopes of a (you guessed it): better life. The allure of the American Dream entraps her in shackles of homesickness until she meets Tony Cohen. In a tragic twist of fate, Ellis…

No matter what stresses real life throws our way on any given day, let’s not pretend that we don’t “cool girl” through it all. And what better way to cool girl yourself than threads straight from L.A.? From maxi dresses to lingerie, a fine balance between sleek and bohemian is explored. Just the right amount of lace here, just the right amount of skin peeking through there, just the right amount of plunge in the neckline makes it juuuuust right… When life gives you lemons, go shopping. For more information, visit Photo credit: For Love & Lemons

There’s something exquisite and delightful about discovering fall fashion that cocktails rich hues, sharp pleats, feminine fabrics and the right balance of show/no-show skin, and Johanna Ortiz has clearly nailed her fashion recipe. Colombian-born Ortiz began her fashion atelier in swim and beachwear design, and transitioned into prêt-à-porter over 12 years, a transition that so obviously personifies the saying “good things take time.” Inspired by women who are sophisticated, strong and very romantic, Johanna Ortiz is our fashion soulmate this season.

With political patriotism bursting at the seams, it’s no wonder that the Ukraine unveils it’s history, culture and trends in a unique fashion – not to be known as Little Russia, but as it’s own strong statement. With this constant questioning and pursuit of identity, the studio of Ksenia Schnaider constantly asks “Why?” and “For What Reason?” before incorporating any element into a design. Urging people to express their personal beliefs, the pieces represent utility, history and cultural codes that are unique to their origins. Specific to their current collection, Ksenia Marchenko and Anton Schnaider were conscious of the perception…

The soft surrealism of Taiwanese-illustrator Hsia-Ron Cheng will literally result in romantic dreams warped with plum blossom petals. The 28-year old freelancer showcases inspiration from fashion, nature, culture and fantasy. Often limited edition and on display in various shows, the prints are printed on unique paper (think cotton or rag paper) that are a steal for their pasteled price. For more information, visit Photo credit: Hsia-Ron Cheng